The Time for Accelerated Diplomacy Has Commenced

Carson J. Tucker and Lex Fori PLLC submitted an open letter to legislators, senators and committee members considering the integrity of the November 2020 election.

For those of you who are only watching mainstream media, and NOT reviewing the pleadings and documentary information being submitted in the election fraud litigation, I would urge you to carefully consider the overwhelming evidence demonstrating that dissident and insidious forces have acted to deprive Americans of a legitimate election.

I am very sorry to have to say these words. This is especially so as I am a 24-year veteran of the armed forces, and an attorney that daily represents the brave men and women who defend our Constitution and our Nation and everything that it stands for. I am deeply wounded to see our country has fallen under a threat that resembles little more than a third-world coup attempt by agents other than those who we have chosen to run this country on our behalf.

I remain confident that this will be corrected by justice and the rule of law. I believe the time for accelerated diplomacy has commenced. Let’s hope that those who we have chosen to administer the government keep their end of the bargain so that it does not yield to the exercise of our sovereign and retained rights to declare that contract breached.

Fīat jūstitia, ruat cælum.