Carson J. Tucker Files Supreme Court Application in Highway Defect Case

Law Offices of Carson J. Tucker filed an application in the Michigan Supreme Court on February 25 in the case of Menard v Imig requesting the Michigan Supreme Court to tie up loose ends in the interpretation of the notice provision in the Highway Exception to governmental immunity under the Governmental Tort Liability Act (GTLA), MCL 691.1401, et seq. Read our application here: ALTA.02.25.2020

We have been preparing, formatting and filing our briefs in the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court under Administrative Order 2019-6, which allows us to use all the readability and formatting tools of Adobe to create fully interactive and e-friendly briefs. As a former Supreme Court law clerk and an insurance coverage counsel, Mr. Tucker understands the convenience of having a fully interactive document with all file contents and citations referenced and linked for quick review. The ideal briefs (which we strive to create) will contain links to cases, links to the direct location (page and line) in the Appendix and/or accompanying attachments and indices and tables of contents that are fully interactive – meaning the reader can toggle back and forth to the references and have immediate confirmation and documentary support for our arguments and factual assertions, respectively. We can also use a larger, eye-friendly font!

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