State Supreme Court Brief filed by Carson J. Tucker in Disabled Veterans’ Case

The Michigan Supreme Court will hear oral argument on the appeal we filed in Foster v. Foster. This is a case Law Offices of Carson J. Tucker has been fighting on appeal since 2014.

After a unanimous United States Supreme Court decision in favor of the veterans’ position at the urging of Mr. Tucker by way an amicus curiae brief  in the case of Howell v. Howell, a Supreme Court remand order, and not one, but two errant Court of Appeals opinions, oral argument will finally be presented to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Read our brief here: Brief on Appeal in Foster v. Foster

In addition to his day-to-day litigation and appellate practice for multiple state and federal entity clients, insurers, and private individuals throughout the world, Mr. Tucker provides pro bono and low bono assistance to veterans. Mr. Tucker is a fully certified attorney for the Veterans Administration. Indeed, about 30 percent of his practice is devoted to this service. Already a veteran himself, Mr. Tucker served 25 years (14 years in the Navy as a combat warfare qualified construction engineer (Navy Seabee) and another 11 years in the United States Army and Michigan National Guard in the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps). After retiring as a Major in 2016, Mr. Tucker now continues to serve current and former service members.

Mr. Tucker also is a co-founder of Trinity Advocates, an organization created for fundraising for educating the private and public sector about unique legal issues facing veterans and help fund consulting, legal defense and litigation for disabled veterans.

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