Another United States Supreme Court Petition by Law Offices of Carson J. Tucker

The Law Offices of Carson J. Tucker has docketed the filing of another petition in the United States Supreme Court in a contentious case against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF).


In this case, BATF shut down a family-run mom and pop fireworks company that has been in business for over 70 years for a single incident of record-keeping failures. The Petition will ask the Supreme Court to finally scrutinize BATF, just one among too many wayward administrative agencies and broken bureaucracies that seek the path of least resistance in trying to justify the reason for their existence.

Firearms lobbyists and Second Amendment advocates will want to look closely at this Petition as it looks to provide a resolution to the technical definition of “wilfully violated” used in the two parallel statutory provisions governing explosives licensing and firearms licensing. BATF has strayed far afield of applying the term “wilfully violated” to include acts of simple negligence and oversight on the part of the regulated business. This is certainly not what the term, which is used to deprive businesses of their right to engage in their livelihoods, was meant to address. BATF has a long history of overreaching and abuse, like many other governmental agencies of the over-regulating, over-spending and under-serving useless bureaucracies spawned in the swamp that is Washington to justify overly burdensome taxes on the American people.

Stay tuned.

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