Supreme Court Application filed for Military Veterans

Following on the heels of two U.S. Supreme Court Petitions (which we are quickly catching up with), I filed a brief on behalf of veterans to protect military benefits, which are protected from state control by the Armed Forces Clauses and the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution.



Carson J. Tucker is an appellate and insurance coverage lawyer providing highly specialized and unique services to his clients in Michigan and abroad.

Mr. Tucker handles all types of appellate matters and assists other lawyers with complex litigation and insurance coverage issues.  Mr. Tucker represents local and state governmental entities, national and international businesses and insurance companies, and global corporations.

After law school, Mr. Tucker was a research lawyer for the Michigan Court of Appeals and then a law clerk for the Honorable Stephen J. Markman, Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.

After 26 years of reserve military service, Mr. Tucker retired as a Major in the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps of the United States Army.  He served the Michigan National Guard as a Brigade Command Judge Advocate and as a staff Judge Advocate for the Joint Maneuver Training Center, Camp Grayling, Michigan, a military training facility in northern Michigan. Prior to serving in the U.S. Army, Mr. Tucker served in the U.S. Navy Reserves.  During his service as a Judge Advocate for the Army, Mr. Tucker received the Army’s Meritorious Service Medal, which is the highest honor a soldier can receive when serving in a non-combat role.  The award recited his role in providing legal advice and counsel and preparing written pleadings for the National Guard Bureau in cases pending in the United States Supreme Court, as well as for his role as the Staff Judge Advocate at Michigan’s Joint-Force Maneuver Training Center (JMTC) Camp Grayling, and for legal support provided to Joint Force Headquarters of the Michigan National Guard.

Mr. Tucker has developed a particular expertise in prosecuting and defending appeals and has had several significant successes in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Michigan Supreme Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals.  In addition to his work on appeals, Mr. Tucker writes amicus curiae briefs for private entities, municipal organizations, and governmental entities in pending appeals.

Mr. Tucker is admitted to practice in Michigan and in the United States Supreme Court

Languages: English, French.


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