Supreme Court Petition Filed in Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud Case

A couple of weeks ago, I filed a petition in the U.S. Supreme Court.  One of many cases in the pipeline challenging banks and other financial institutions failures to follow basic real property law in the United States and legitimize and properly validate assignments of mortgages from one financial institution to another.  When the assignee banks go to collect on the ostensible debt, the law used to be that they had to validate they held the right to do this by demonstrating the assignment to them had been recorded and properly notarized.  Many of the notary public officers that signed off on the “transfers” when Washington Mutual and a handful of other sub-prime lenders went bankrupt never saw the original notes.  So how does one prove he or she has the right to collect the debt from the homeowner?  He does not because he cannot.  Courts across the country have devised a multitude of ways to get around this because the (too big to fail) banks have let 10 million Americans do just that.  In doing so, these state courts (largely encouraged by federal courts) have changed the common law and stripped the constitutional rights of the citizens to trial on the merits of their claims to ownership and equity in real property  Read the petition here:  Burniac Petition for Writ of Certiorari (June 13 2016)


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