Thomas Paine’s December 23, 1776 Journal Entry – The Crisis

I took the liberty of editing out some of the more trivial historical events surrounding Mr. Paine’s revolutionary war journal piece entitled “The Crisis”, which he dated on December 23, 1776.  I recommend, in any event, reading the whole document, including his other journal entries.

I post that edited (but not modified) version here as a .pdf.  I believe it resonates a truth and understanding of the importance of preserving the Republic that our ancestors fought so valiantly to wrest from the tyranny of Britain, and why, we must be eternally vigilant in protecting that Liberty and those Freedoms we earned in that campaign.  For all Americans, it would be wise to understand the importance of preserving our separate sovereignty and our constitutional republic.  This piece does a good job of explaining the reasons and importance of securing our individual freedoms.

Enjoy and share.

December 23, 1776 – Thomas Paine – The Crisis

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