Supreme Court to Consider Meaning of “Bodily Injury” Under Motor Vehicle Exception

I am writing an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief on behalf of Wayne County and Michigan Townships Association, among others, in this public liability case in which the Supreme Court has granted the State of Michigan's application for leave to appeal to address whether "bodily injury" liability available against the government under the [...]

Bus Passenger’s Cause of Action Dismissed Against Transportation Commission – Court of Appeals Affirms Trial Court’s Judgment for Transportation Commission

In Palmer v. Blue Water Area Transportation Commission, the Court of Appeals affirmed a trial court's judgment of no cause of action against a governmental entity (here a transportation commission) in a suit by a bus passenger alleging negligence and gross negligence against the governmental entity and its employee, respectively. Plaintiff fell while boarding the bus. [...]

Wage Loss Must Be Attributable to Work Injury for Award of Workers’ Compensation Benefits – Michigan Compensation Appellate Commission Reiterates Fundamental Precept to Receipt of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In Scott v. Chrysler.2013 ACO 71, the Michigan Compensation Appellate Commission provides a current and relevant analysis of the meaning and import of the principle in workers' compensation law that a claimant must prove his or her work-related injury, however valid, is the true cause of the reason for wage loss, i.e., the reason that he or [...]