Supreme Court Amicus Brief Filed in State Farm v. MMRMA Case Considering Whether Police Vehicle Pursuing Speeding Motorcyclist Sufficiently “Involved” In Motor Vehicle Accident to Require Apportionment of Liability Among No-Fault Insurance Carriers

I filed an amicus curiae brief on behalf of Oakland County, Macomb County and Wayne County in this case, urging the Supreme Court to grant Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority's application or, alternatively, to reverse the Court of Appeals.  My brief is attached here:  Supreme Court Amicus Curiae Brief for Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties stamped [...]

Split Court of Appeals Disagrees Over “Good Cause” Requirement to Compel Independent Medical Examinations and Articulates Scope of Trial Court’s “Discretion” to Deny IME Requests

In this published 2-1 opinion (Murray, Boonstra, JJ, majority; M.J. Kelly, dissenting), the Court of Appeals reversed a trial court's denial of the defendant's request to compel plaintiff to submit to several new "independent medical examinations" (a/k/a "IME's")  in her no-fault automobile suit against them.  The opinion contains much commentary on the accepted practice of [...]