Justiciability of “Dual-Status” Technician Discrimination Complaints

For those interested in the prior post about the Supreme Court petitions for writs in Wetherill and Zuress, see the post here http://amicus-curious.com/2011/02/19/u-s-supreme-court-asked-to-consider-justiciability-of-discrimination-complaints-under-the-national-guard-technicians-act/, this law review article DST's barred from federal suits under Title VII is helpful in explaining the "National Guard" "dual-status" technician, compared to the federal reserve technicians in the air reserve or army [...]

U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Consider Justiciability of Discrimination Complaints Under the National Guard Technician’s Act

Two petitions for certiorari have been filed in the United States Supreme Court from the 8th and 9th Circuits, respectively, Wetherill v. Secretary of the Army et al., Docket No. 10-638 here Search, and Zuress v. Secretary of the Air Force, Docket No. 10-374 here, Search. The "et al." in the Wetherill case happens to be a significant [...]